Hello! It's great to have you here! I'm glad you are excited to get started on a brand identity and website for your new business!
Below are the typical questions I ask all of my clients at the start of a new brand identity, logo design, and website design project. This questionnaire should take about 20-30 minutes to complete, depending on how far along in your planning process you are currently. Please go through the questionnaire and answer the questions in as much detail as possible. When complete, I'll get an email with your answers then we can set up a time to chat more.
Let's Go!
Let's get started! The first set of questions will be about you and your company or organization.

Let me get to know you. What's your full name? *

Perfect! Now, what company or organization do you represent? *

Full Legal Business Name, please.
What's your company or organization's website address? *

If you don't have one, simply type in "none.com"
Is this a new company or organization, or have you been around for a while? *

If we need to chat on the phone, what's the best number to contact you? *

When it's time to get started, are you the (or one of the) decision maker(s) to greenlight this project? *

"Decision maker" is the person/people who have the authority to enter into a written agreement, sign the check to get started, and make any and all final decisions on the outcome of this project within your organization.
If you answered "no" to the last question,  who is the decision maker(s) within your organization?

Do you have a specific deadline for your project to be complete by? *

Finally, where did you hear about January Creative from? *

Awesome start! Now I want to get to know more about you and your company and organization. This next section asks questions relating to your company.

Please, tell me elevator-pitch-style what your company or organization is about? *

What products and/or services do you offer? *

Who do you often sell your products/services to? *

What area do you focus on selling your products/services? *

Based on your experience and/or research, who do you feel is your ideal customer? *

For example: an upscale coffee shop may feel their ideal customer is a young 18-35 year old working professional who lives or works near by, affluent, and enjoys a wide variety of coffees. Would likely frequent the shop more than four times a week.
Describe using as many adjectives as you can what your company or organization is. *

Examples: Energetic. Light Hearted. Passionate. Professional. Upscale. Modern. Rustic. Sophisticated. Professional. Strong.
You're doing great and have provided me with a great deal of information. Now, let's discuss more about your brand identity and logo design project. This next set of questions will cover your needs and wants in terms of your logo design project.

What kind of logo design or brand identity are you looking to get started with? *

What type of design aesthetic are you looking to achieve for your logo and brand identity? *

Please describe in detail what you're looking for. Example: Looking for a bright and colorful logo, but doesn't use all the colors of the rainbow. Want it to feel energetic but still professional. I like the colors green and yellow, but willing to explore other colors.
Are there any specific design elements that you would like to have in your logo? *

For example, an upscale coffee shop may prefer to have some imagery of coffee beans in their logo, but not a coffee cup.
The opposite of the last question: is there any design elements that you prefer not to have in yours? *

For example: you hate the color red and don't want it anywhere near your logo.
Nice work! Now that we have a good idea about your brand identity wants and needs, let's jump into your website needs. This section covers questions involving your website.

In a short statement (no more than a sentence or two), what is the main purpose of your website? *

I'm more interested in what is the driving force behind you wanting to have a website. What do you want your website to achieve for you?
Who do you feel are the people who most likely will visit and interact with your site? *

Please be as descriptive as possible. Examples: Small business owners looking for accountant help. Other businesses who may want me as a vendor. Fitness enthusiasts.
What are some websites that you like, and why? *

Post links below, along with a sentence on what about them you like and why. These can be competitors or other websites.
On the opposite side, what are some websites you dislike and why? *

Post links and a sentence on what about them you don't like.
What are the main features you want your website to have? *

This is for informational purposes. Please be aware that some features you request may not be included n the new business suite and may be in addition. That's ok, as I'll let you know if the features you need and want require any additional investment.
Describe your site content. Do you have a lot or a little? How many pages do you think you will have of content? *

Please describe in as much detail as possible about your content.
Would you like to have a blog or publish articles you write on your site? *

Is there anything your competitors are doing on their websites that you feel is working well? Anything you feel isn't working well? *

This helps me understand more about your industry and competitors, and allows me determine what will work and won't work for you.
If you were to Google to find your business or a business like yours, what would be some keywords or search phrases you would type into Google? *

Do you have domain name and/or hosting currently for your website? *

You are done! This questionnaire will help both you and I tremendously as we move forward with your project. I'll be in touch to get started right away.

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